About Me and You

You want to change the world using the power of digital. So am I.


Hello! My name is Diego Funari and I’m an Upwork Top Rated Inbound Marketing Strategist and Marketing Manager. But this page isn’t only about me. It’s also about you.

See, I believe a modern digital business needs a proven marketing strategy and great marketing management to grow its audience and sales.

There are many ways to create a healthy, sustainable and engaged customer and leads base. Here are a few examples:

1. Understanding – I mean DEEPLY understanding who your audience is, their pains points, dreams, hesitations. Because is not about your business, it’s about what THEY want to accomplish.

2. Connecting with your customers emotionally – With an approach focused on attracting customers through personalized content and interactions that are relevant and helpful — not interruptive. This is the core of modern marketing that works.

3. Digital Marketing is NOT about using software and tools – It’s about people’s dreams, emotions and social interactions. Technology just supports this. So you need to think simple and obvious to choose the proper tools and strategies to grow the business.

4. And more…..

Imagine doubling your sales, establish you as a trusted brand in your industry across all online channels using the latest powerful marketing techniques . Does that excite you? That’a a demonstration of I’m talking about.

That’s where I come in. I’m a Hubspot certified Inbound marketing strategist and a digital marketing manager focused on helping you with these proven actions able to bring you engaged leads that convert into paying customers and referrals.

My marketing services are designed to meet specific needs of your digital business, including:

– Generating hot leads with internet research and content marketing strategy that adds real value to your audience, giving exactly what they want at the right time

– Reaching your target market and creating engaged leads through social media marketing and management on Facebook and Instagram, printing your presence in the minds of customers

– Helping you to create and manage marketing automation and email marketing campaigns on Hubspot and Mailchimp, so you can scale your business reach with the same effort

– Putting all these pieces together to create a clear and actionable inbound marketing strategy that can be measured, so you know exactly where to improve






** Important: Do you use any specific tools in your business? You deserve someone as committed as yourself to work on your projects, so I will learn any tools and techniques you find necessary to go ahead. As my previous Upwork clients say:

“Our project required the use of tools and techniques not very well known but Diego proved to be a fast learner while meeting all deadlines.”

I’d love to hear about your business’ specifics needs, so:

Contact Me – How can I help you?